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Life the universe and things. [Dec. 15th, 2009|09:34 am]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]


It has been a long time since I've been on here. So much has happened. Good things, not bad. But they make for serious time constraints. Waving to anyone that still uses this thing. Hope you're happy and healthy.


Ladeevix aka Reets.
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My LaST PoST [Sep. 16th, 2007|12:34 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[mood |hopefulhopeful]
[music |DD]

For anyone that has read my stuff and didn't have a negative comment, I will miss you. For all those who have nothing better to do than blast me for being human. BITE ME!

I have flown the virtual coop and taken flight to another blog site...elsewhere.

Have fun with the rest of your lives.

If you've been a friend you should have my e-mail.

Take care Ara and the rest. son you know where I"m headed, so...


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A letter to an idol. John Taylor! [Sep. 4th, 2007|12:04 pm]
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[mood |melancholymelancholy]
[music |One, U2]

Gawd, my user pics could use some revamping. Maybe soon eh?

A torrent of emotions are running through me today. My Monday, although it's Tuesday. Kids at school all of them. Hubby at work. Peace and quiet. I'm finishing up the new story, the sex part. Hard to write sex parts with people lurking over your shoulder.

so finishing up that, popped out to have my snack, watched Californication. Did Not want to get into this, but DD is so damn cute. Zipped through two hours of 80's and NO Duran Duran. Did get a U2, yums.

I"m wondering what is this crazy fangirl doing sitting here alone, writing this smack? Alas as big as the world is outside, mine is very small, very compact and very limited. How's a girl suppose to write new shit when she's surrounded by the old shit. so I'm surfing and finding bios and pics of John Taylor. My OCD is kicking in high again. OH but wait, I've been in love/lust/admiration of JT since I was like 12. just kidding. For a long time though. And I"m looking over the stuff, reading you know. He's got kids. Ahh how cute. And I'm looking at the latest picture of him and his wife and I'm not thinking damn that bitch is lucky, I'm thinking man, how sad and clutchy he looks. Like it's his last shot at happiness and I'm thinking...poor John, what must it be like to be a 80's pop star. This marriage was a rush into vegas style. Did he think she'd leave him. And you relaize just how human your idols are. And I relize how much I'd like to just sit with him, talk, laugh maybe listen to him sing. I miss that. I think I'd love that in all my idols(for lack of better word)Bono, Sting and of course John Taylor.

Life came up John and I'm sorry but I lost track of you. I'm glad that in this point in my life I've found you again. I hope to see you and the guys in concert this time around. You look good, so handsome, long elegant fingers and I love the hair, don't cut it. :) I'd love to write to you personally, but your secretary, assistant or something would get it and it would be tossed. Crazy mid aged fan girl. What would I say? I love your music, your smile, the sound of your voice and having an actual converstaion with you about your kids, your dreams of the future and your favorite memories of the past, would be one of the best memories of my life. My kids laugh when I tell them I have Duran Duran albums. They say oh, okay. What's that? Actual vinyls. How do you spell that? Anyway. I hope that this marriage for you brings you love and passion and affection that you so richly deserve. You made the hearts of millions of young girls flutter every time you appeared on stage or tv. I still sing along and dance to Reflex and Rio and others. Know that in a fangirl type of distant longing that you are well loved, respected and I hope like hell you come to Tennessee. I'll be watching more closely for events and concerts. Maybe the rock gods will allow me time, money and transport to get to see you in concert as I never got to when I was younger. With much love, Me.

And now for something completely different.
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Same page, different city [Aug. 20th, 2007|01:27 pm]
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[Current Location |sitting on my butt]
[mood |giddysquee]
[music |Linkin Park...Chester just sings on and on]

Funny how much alike some people are. Main thing between my oldest and me. So much alike we fought like cats and dogs. Oh wait mine get along. Try two tom cats. There ya go. Anyway. He text me this morning to call. We chat and he said wait, let me tell you this dream. as he started recounting it, I thought, shit. Wait. opened Word and read him a part of the story I just started yesterday. About bloody gashed opened neck wounds. His dream, my story. Funny huh. Physic link?

Mania is on for me too right now. at least a bit. Slowed some. Still workign on same story from yesterday. These guys will never get down to it. Too busy pissing at each other and no not literally. Hmmm, gay guys really are girls. snicker.

On the OCD front. It's 80 music time. With Duran Duran, Kiss, Judas Priest and the like headling. D2 is on top right now and I'm dling the hell out of it and catching up. Gots to be getting me a D2 icon soon. One with Simon/John kissing on stage. Man didn't know they snogged that much in front of other people. Damn straight guys teasing us boy toy lovers. Ahh well. Something to occupy the mind til something else comes along.

laters, shower's a calling. then sitting in the heat. ahhh the dry heat. 101 today. Anyone for Canada or maybe the Northern territories?????

ps I added snogged to the dictionary. I'm British at heart. LOL
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(no subject) [May. 30th, 2007|12:40 pm]
[mood |depresseddepressed]
[music |Black Parade]

Sheesh, haven't done this in a while. Man LJ got fancy. Well here goes.

I give up. Or What to do when you realize you're worthless.
By Me. LV, Ladeevix, Reets.

I am approaching my seventeenth wedding anniversary. Recently I've come to realize that my husband doesn't like me very much. Oh he tolerate me, loves me as a wife and mother of his kids, but as for like. Nope, he just doesn't. Also while we're talking about realizations. I'm not a writer either. Just a wanna be. I'll never get anything published, cause I won't let myself even send it out. I'd rather just rant that I can't . Therefore it's never going to happen.

The most I am is a mom. And now my kids don't need me anymore. What now? I'm still the taxi, least for another six months, but really, what then? Once they're driving, they're gone. I came to this realization today as I'm watching the kids play a video game. I'm inthe dining room, but watching, listening as a mom does. And my son's friend casually says, 'hey remember yesterday when we were chasing that snake?' Yeah I could have freaked, coudl have screamed and told them the dangers of hiking through the woods in rattlesnake country, but why?

I'm waiting for all the screams right now.

Obvious reasons aside, would it do any good? Nope. They're gonna do what they're gonna do and you just have to hope that what you've taught them will stay with them. My job basically is done. If by now at 16 they don't have the common sense to NOT chase rattlesnakes, then life is gonna be hell in the future. If they make it that far. And if they don't do the dishes as told, feed he bunny. Oh well, the consequences in the long run will be worse than my yelling. So I'm done. I refuse. Kill the rabbit, fuss cause the dishes aren't done oh and have a fit when there is no more coke to drink. Why should I be responsible either? Goes both ways.

On the phone I was telling my oldest son my troubles. He's been a great sounding board, but today he stated that my buying litle things here adn there was as bad as dad buying large things and that I should stop fussing and stop spending. I told the solution to the problem woudl be for me to stop pretending to be a writer adn get a job. I haven't worked a full time job since I got married, hubby dind't want me to. I've had seasonal job adn they've been great. Problem is now I don't want to wait to do seasonal. My going to work full time solves a lot of problems.

1. More money.
2. Less time at home. (no time, no writing, therefore no more wasting my time)
3. The kids will help out more. (HAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAH)I'm crying now.
4. Hubby will actually stop working 16 hour days and help out. ( Okay, dying now)
5. I'll recover my self respect, because right now I feel useless.
6. It'll make the days pass quicker. Aren't we all just getting from birth to death as painlessly as possible.
7. I'll have something to look forward to.
8. I won't have time to bitch at the kids about the mess and make them hate me more.

I started to spell check this. What's the point. Not like anyone's going to read it anyway.

I think I'll have a huge yard sale. All my star wars stuff, writing books and things. Extra desks, filing cabinets. It's time to pack away any hopes of having a dream. Just getting from dawn to dusk is hard enough. It's time to stop kidding myself. All I really am is a housewife. A cook, maid, gardener and animal control. There's nothing left.
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(no subject) [Aug. 28th, 2006|09:38 am]
In answer to Arabwel's gank from someone else. Post what you had this time last year or something like that. Anyway. Chose this one because every morning when I watch the local news, I miss Kevin. He was our weather god of gorgousness. Sigh...Jeff just doesn't cut it. Oh well.

Sept 5, 2005

update on Kevin. My son got him to sign a frog for me too, while I was at home. Kevin was like 'you want me to sign what?' My son held up the toy frog, wiggled it's head and said. Just sign it man, it's for my mom. Kevin did, he asked what it's name was, Brock said, it was Jim but now it's Kevin. Kevin said 'oh man not another one'. Think we kind of weirded him out. But to us he's a celeb, sorry Kevy. :)

Hope he's just as weirded out up in NJ or where ever he headed too. He's too cute not to google over.


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(no subject) [Jul. 12th, 2006|04:41 pm]
I thought Rif was happy. He's not. Well he's fine with Donovan finally. Even though Rob is a little put out being put on hold. Now Rif is helping me pick out his temporary partner, Michael Scaley, he picked Rex. Good choice, cept Michael is evil and Rex is so damn yummy. I can deal. Can't wait to rewrite those parts.

Something definetly wiggy about the puter, might crash all together. one of the cd drives died and it's not turning off. Might be a virus, but without a virus thing, don't know. have to get one this weekend I guess.
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(no subject) [Jul. 11th, 2006|09:57 am]
I do tend to take a few days/weeks/months to update this. Might try and change that. My life...okay...

July 11th. Kids go back to school on the 4th of August. Too soon. Me...second set of books shoudl be arriving soon. Will work on writing down contacts for stories. Need to get story selection in order to see who I need to mail to. Let's see.

Western, cop story/mystery, gay drama, vampires, one horror on the back burner. Have to collect my shorts too, see what I can do with them.

Laundry, house clean off desk. All need to be dones.

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(no subject) [Jul. 5th, 2006|01:31 pm]
Okay, here's how it is....

I'm sitting here thinking, okay, after about 8 guys, we've finally picked one to be Don. I've done a few chapters, he's working okay, not great, but okay. I'm thinking fine, it's him. Then booms, Rif pops down beside me, watching the new 'don' on a show and says I don't like him. I mean come on, he's suppose to be in love(obsessive sort of love) with this man and he doesn't like him. So bye Stu, we go searching again. I get no writing done trying to please Rif, I mean come on, I created him to start with, why is he so damn picky. But I did listen to him and did see his point. Stu was no Don, back to the drawing board. Flash, new face, well old face, new show and he's like hmmm, not bad. Had the long coat and short cropped locks of a cop. So I'm like facilitating a love match in my house with these two and it seems to have worked. He's not hovering anymore anyway and now they're all yelling, when do we get started with the acting.

Sheesh...characters...enough to drive you mad.

40g hard drive crashed. I'm down to an 8g my son gave me. Hoping it survives it all. Have to save everything to disc now, just in case. Storms in the area so won't be able to be on long. Tootles and if you see Rif, tell him to go snog with the new Dono.
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Western kinda mood [Feb. 22nd, 2006|08:41 am]
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[mood |happyhappy]

Up to 9075 on the wagon train story I started on teh 18th. Not bad I'd say and it's goign fairly well. Dont' nwo where it's going, but we'll see.

If you had to choose between the new magnificent seven. Michael Biehn(Chris) Eric Close (Vin)....okay so I still have fantasies about these two.

And the Old Magnificent Seven Yul Bryenner(sp)(Chris) and Steve McQueen(Vin). I just coudln't do it. Both sets are each in their own in their era of time. I cant' help that I grew up loving to death (sadly in 1980) Steve McQueen. And still now, 26 years later I get a stir in my heart when I watch the Magnifient SEven, the Blob or Wanted Dead or Alive. He was such a versitle, charasmatic actor. And so damn hot to boot. Okay, so he got hairy and chubby and scary at the end. But drinking, driving, cursing and living hard will do that to a man. Steve, I LOVE YOU. Always have, always will.

Recently I've joined the revival of Big Valley on Encore's Western channel. Course grew up watchign the Six Million Dollar Man and vagely remember watchign teh reruns growing up and loved Heath (see resembalance to other action/western star of the time above) I don't do blondes normally. Steve, Lee and Michael Biehn, are pretty much it. But I digress....

Heath is cute/pretty/gorgous add any adjetives you want there. Granted, his moody, I have to prove myself a Barkley attitude draws you in. But......

It's Nick, Peter Breck that has won my heart today. The jet black hair, sparkling green/hazel eyes and the tude man, the tude. Black hat, black gloves (hardly ever without), black vest or short coat, the spurs, always clanking, the large belt and buckle. The guns low on his hips. The entire package just makes me smile. I love watchign and rewatching the "NICK" parts of the show. Ookay so I slow down and rewatch the shirtless Heath parts as well. But Nick wins, hands down as my favorite Barkley. Heath, stay close babe, you're just as loved. Jarrod of course is not without his atributes. Beatufiul blues, dark hair and a quick wit. The soft lawyer with a heart of gold. Have to love him, he's so gentle with Audra, so loving with his mother and so in your fave with Nick. Oh did I mention I love that Nick wants to squash everyone to solve the problems. K.....

Hubby says I need to stop watching BV and get back into the cop story to finish. Cause the western influence is makng me want to stay in teh 1880's and not come back. I told him, sorry. I will be there til the muse runs dry. And my characters Geo and Jake will tell their tales and I'll listen and jot them down as

The dark mysteriuos Geo runs from his past, while gentle, farm boy Jake trails after him in hopes of repaying a debt of gratitude.

Backroads Stranger is still coming to mind for the story title. Not getting too complicated as to the 'we'll gonna lench you if we think you're touching each other' attitude I've seen in a lot of 'gay western' stories. Gentler, easier a bit, more not just an an issue, cause it is, at least for Geo, but just a friendship that may or may not develop into more once Jake finds him. We'll see.

rambled a enough for now. Oh gonna add this to my word count for the month. Copy....

cool. have my goals. need to put up a Nick pic for my pic, man with TUDE.
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